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Wedding Photography

Photography isn’t what it used to be. Innovation, gadgets, creativity and unique demands have made it a very technical job. Finding one? That’s tougher! A good one and your memories get better. A bad one and it ruins everything. Supertasker comes in between you and your need to get the best possible photographer.

Get the best and most economical photography services. we compile all the best ones under one roof. Find them, hire them make the experience smoother with Supertasker.

We are here to provide opportunities and chances to all the best photographers in town. Get registered and bring your talent. Supertasker helps you get noticed among a sea of thousands of photographers in town.


Being a dj isn't just about playing the top songs on a bright evening. anybody can do that. reading the pulse of the audience and the mood of the atmosphere and then playing just what you wanna hear is what being a successful artsy dj is all about. Now finding one is another task that takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

Supertasker makes way for those who want to find a dj that knows and shows how to read the vibes and then make splashes. get the best dj services in the palm of your hand. Supertasker compiles the best dj services in Pakistan and now finding one dj thats knows and shows is easier than ever.


Catering isn't catering unless it is perfect. Pakistanis are the most hospitable people in the world and living upto that mark is not easy. It isn't just serving food and drinks. It has to be cooked with heart, presented beautifully, served with elegance and most importantly it has to taste delicious. These are the steps that make catering, a pakistani catering. Perfect.

Now where to find those? that's a difficult job. Supertasker makes it easier to find the best caterers in town we have developed a one stop platform that is going to bring all the caterers in one place for your ease. Get it done through our app. It's all in the palm of your hand. Get anything done!


Decor at weddings is a big part of the whole activity to some. And for some it isn't vital at all. For those who belong in the first group, they need someone to understand and feel the need and importance decor should be given. Decor requires involvement and zeal. Supertasker understands the need and brings you a wonderful one stop platform that's going to gather all the decor people on a single stop. Reducing the activity and effort that people put in finding the right guys that would normally be hunted around the city or even country. Supertasker streamlines your search and makes it easier to find all the best designers in the country under one roof.

Pick and drop Service Bus

Get reliable pick and drop service, bus service for your guests who have come to attend your wedding function. Stop getting cars from friends and family. Supertasker now brings all the best rent a car banners for your ease on a single stop.

How much does
Wedding Photography Cost?

The average cost of Wedding Photography between:

Rs2000 - Rs8000

on Supertasker


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